J2-M172 Research Tree simplified (0.73 beta)
Tooltip/Hover shows (proposed) hierarchical names, notes, ecquivalent SNPs, ages estimates (KY). Phylogeny and Haplogroup SNPs (most prominents) based on J2-M172_spreadsheet. This tree output © 2014-06 CC-BY-SA ChrisR@J2-M172 Haplogroup research. Legend: ? placement vs brother branches unavailable * upstream placement uncertified (Private/Single) [under research] available for but not certified by sanger sequencing

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Haplogroup presets J2a1a1a1 (L24), J2a1a1a2 (PF5197), J2a1a1b (PF5116), J2a1a1b1a1 (M67), J2a1a1b1a2 (M319), J2a1a1b1b (Z6065), J2a1a2 (Z6055), J2a1b (Z6048), J2a2 (PF5008 L581?), J2b (M12, M102), J2b1a (M241). etc. (try for yourself).
SNP presets (alpha) L24, PF5197.
Tables J2-M172 Basic, J2-M172, J2-M410, J2a-L26, J2a-L24, J2a-PF5197, J2a-PF5116, J2a-M67, J2a-PF5008 (L581?), J2b-M12,M102.

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