J2-M172 Simple Tree (0.72 beta)
Tooltip/Hover shows (proposed) hierarchical names, notes, ecquivalent SNPs, ages estimates (KY). Phylogeny and Haplogroup SNPs (most prominents) based on J2-M172_spreadsheet. This tree output © 2014-04 CC-BY-SA ChrisR@J2-M172 Haplogroup research. Legend: ? placement vs brother branches unavailable * upstream placement uncertified (Private/Single) [under research] {discovered/new}

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More Output examples (use querylanguage for customized output):
Haplogroup presets J2a1a1a1 (L24), J2a1a1a2 (PF5197), J2a1a1b (PF5116), J2a2 (PF5008 L581?), etc. (try for yourself).
SNP presets (alpha) L24, PF5197.
Tables J2-M172 Basic, J2-M172, J2-M410, J2a-L26, J2a-L24, J2a-PF5197, J2a-PF5116, J2a-M67, J2a-PF5008 (L581?), J2b-M12,M102.

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