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Phylogeny and Haplogroup SNPs (two most prominents / good coverage) based on J2-M172_spreadsheet (synonymous SNP-names not always listed). Usually listed SNPs are checked for genome-seq-uniqueness with BLAT 1kbp and YFull SNP search (see Spreadsheet>Phylo-SNPs for details)
Listing of SNP count in terminal samples: BigY (FTDNA), EB (Estonian Biocentre CG), FGC (Full Genomes Corp), Mag13 (1000 Genomes Magoon et al 2013), PGP (Personal Genome Project), PH14 (Hallast et al 2014), PF13 & PF15 (Francalacci et al 2013 & 2015), SK14 (Stoneking 2014), YFS (YFull Single Best+Acceptable).
Recurrent SNPs are considered to define clades when no alternative is available and they are found in more then two samples. Recurrency is shown like SNP.1/3 (3 times recurrent). Historically informative (recurrent) SNPs included.
Legend: [under research] {tentative split} (Single/Private) ? placement vs brother branches unavailable * upstream placement uncertified

Tooltip/Hover shows (proposed) hierarchical names, notes, ecquivalent SNPs, etc.
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More Output examples (use querylanguage for customized output):
Haplogroup presets J2a-M410 (no Research), L26 (no Research), L24 (no Research), Z438, PF5401, Z7700, PF5197 (no Research), Z7430, PF5172, PF5125 (no Research), M67 (no Research), Z458, S25258, M92, Y6240, Z7671, S23154 incl. M319, Z6065, Z6064, Z6049, PF5050 incl. L581, J2b-M12 (no Research), L283, Z2432. etc. (try for yourself).
SNP presets (alpha) L24, PF5197.
Tables J2-M172 Basic, J2-M172, J2-M410, J2a-L26, J2a-L24, J2a-PF5197, J2a-PF5116, J2a-M67, J2a-PF5008 (L581?), J2b-M12,M102.
Filters (in development): phylotree.org structure (including splits), Panel A: J2 deep known clades (all except M67 & L24), Panel B: deep known clades M67 & L24.

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